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Language Editing

Language editing focuses on improving the logical flow, strengthening arguments, identifying omissions, and eliminating inconsistencies. San Francisco Edit has subject-matter experts, who will edit your manuscript by checking and correcting a document’s grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation.

Why us

Confidentiality and security
San Francisco Edit takes all reasonable care to ensure customer privacy and confidentiality of submitted materials. We never release or sell customer information to any third party. You can be assured that we are the only people who see your documents. We are professionals and take very seriously the confidentiality of our clients’ materials. The Company, including all employees and subcontractors, agree not to disclose to any third party the content of any written material in the form of a document or manuscript submitted by the client. Our staff members are carefully screened professionals, and they all sign confidentiality agreements before beginning work for us. Furthermore, only our executive staff has access to your company’s or institution’s and personal information.

Experience and expertise
Because the experience and expertise among our editors adds up to more than 300 years, we can match our editors to your needs. We have broad experience with numerous types of deliverables across all forms of media, including print, video, and digital platforms.

Our extensive roster of editors represents a considerable variety of backgrounds and expertise, allowing us to meet your editing needs with precision. We bring a personal touch to every job we do. Our editors care about the clients and their goals and want them to succeed, and they give each client the same thorough care and attention.

What types of language editing services do you provide

  • Websites
  • Personal Correspondence
  • Social Media Posts
  • Resumes
  • Job Applications
  • Memos
  • Magazine Articles
  • Speeches
  • Blogs
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Others…
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