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Scientific Editing

Scientific editing covers many kinds of writing, including original research articles, review articles, commentaries, grant applications, theses, posters, video scripts, and more. Our editors have both subject-area training and extensive experience as scientific and medical editing editors. All writers benefit from having a professional edit their work.

Path to success to publish

Even the best writers need editors. Achieving your publication goal can be difficult, and it is usually a highly competitive process. You can gain a competitive edge by having a professional editor ensure that your work is clearly written, meets your target journal’s submission requirements, and is error free.

How scientific editing differs from other manuscript editing

Scientific and medical editing journals have specific requirements for submissions, including formatting, word count, style, English usage, and content. San Francisco Edit’s professional editors have years of experience with these journal guidelines and shaping manuscripts to meet them. Academic readers expect a certain style, organization, and clarity that is specific to scientific and medical writing. San Francisco Edit’s professional editors can shape your manuscript to meet those expectations.

Why scientific and scientific editing?

Having a professional with a relevant PhD edit your manuscript means a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective on your work. Editors can detect and correct problems with structure and organization, edit sentences for clarity and construction, and address grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. And they can ensure that your manuscript meets the submission guidelines for your target journal.

Why us

Confidentiality and security
San Francisco Edit takes all reasonable care to ensure customer privacy and confidentiality of submitted materials. We never release or sell customer information to any third party. You can be assured that we are the only people who see your document and/or manuscript. We are professionals and take very seriously the confidentiality of our clients’ materials. The Company, including all employees and subcontractors, agree not to disclose to any third party the content of any written material in the form of a document or manuscript submitted by the client. Our staff members are carefully screened professionals, and they all sign confidentiality agreements before beginning work for us. Furthermore, only our executive staff has access to your company’s or institution’s and personal information.

Experience and expertise
We have an excellent success rate, with more than 98% of papers we have edited accepted and published, most of them in the target journal. Researchers and academics rely on our services for many forms of academic communication, from journal articles to grants to theses and dissertations. We also provide services related to scripts, voice-over, personal statements, presentations, and lectures. Although authors whose first language is not English find our services particularly helpful when submitting to English-language journals, our services offer benefits for writers of any background.

All of our editors are experts, with scientific and medical editing training to the PhD level and substantial professional experience totaling to hundreds of years. Because of the considerable size of our editing team, we can meet your needs regardless of project complexity or content.

Every job we do has a personal touch, from communications with the client to the choice of editor. Our editors care about our clients and their goals and want them to succeed. Every project receives the same thorough attention from trained and seasoned professionals who understand how important it is for academics and researchers to achieve their publication targets.

Other features

For clients whose needs extend beyond the manuscript to submit, San Francisco Edit is here to help. Our editors have expertise in crafting cover letters for submission, editing and rewriting to pass plagiarism checks, editing and formatting responses to reviewers, and rewriting text to meet a journal’s word count limitations or the client’s own needs.

What types of scientific documents do we edit

  • Journal Articles
  • Grant Applications
  • Theses and Dissertations
  • Book Chapters
  • Curriculum Vitaes
  • Posters and Presentations
  • Research Proposals
  • Protocols
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Others…
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